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About Golden Stitches Embroidery

Golden Stitches provides custom embroidery for all your business and personal needs. We have the capability and expertise to monogram, add a logo or name, or custom embroider anything you wish on shirts, jackets, tote bags, ball caps (front and back), heirloom and baby blankets, golf shirts, sweat shirts, all types of holiday gift items & almost anything that can be sewn!

Golden Stitches has acquired a reputation for providing high quality merchandise at the lowest cost available to the consumer. We are very proud of the reputation that we have established throughout the country for quality, service, and a thorough knowledge of our products.

Send us a bitmap (.bmp) or JPEG (.jpg) file of your logo/art and we will give you a FREE estimate… ASAP! We know that we are not the only embroiderer that you will find, but we are confident that once you try us you’ll be one of our many extremely satisfied customers!

Logo Design Info
General Designing Information


At Golden Stitches, we know you’re always thinking as a business and as an individual with specific goals and needs. In every product we deliver, every service we offer, our thoughts are with you. Whether you’re thinking big and bold, quiet and corporate, or anything in between—you can count on us to turn your thinking into reality .

Each policy we establish and procedure we follow works toward your complete satisfaction. Like our products, we build quality and value into every service; from decorating, to customized ordering, to marketing support. Why? Because we not only think with you, we think highly of you—and will stop at nothing less than the very best.

The Dynamics Of Decorating


Distinction. Impact. The integrity of your name and logo. At Golden Stitches, these are the hallmarks of successful decorating. Our embroidery process combines the latest technology and techniques to help you make effective, lasting impressions.

General Decorating Information 
While Golden Stitches will be as flexible as possible in accepting any artwork you submit, we insist on making the end result—distinction, impact and integrity—our top priority. To keep the process as efficient as possible, please be aware of the following requirements in this link

Embroidery Charges
Stitch Count 1-47 48-95 96-143 144-499 500-999 1000
1 – 4,999 $4.00 $3.50 $3.00 $2.83 $2.75 $2.50
5,000 – 7,499 $4.25 $4.00 $3.50 $3.25 $3.00 $2.75
7,500 – 9,999 $4.50 $4.25 $4.00 $3.75 $3.50 $3.25
10,000 $4.75 $4.50 $4.25 $4.00 $3.75 $3.50

Add $.50R) per 1,000 stitches over 10,000

Additional Embroidery Charges and Information

  • Disk charge: $35.00 (R) per 1000 stitches; $100.00 minimum
  • Knitted caps add: $0.25 (R) each cap
  • 6-panel caps must be digitized
  • Keyboard lettering (straight line): $25.00 (R); additional charges (please call)
  • 3D embroidery: please call for details
  • 25% more for metallic thread
  • 30% more for custom thread (minimum 144 pcs.)
  • Personalization: setup: $25.00 (R)
    First 10 names: $5.50 (R) each
    10+ names: $7.00 (R) each

Second line: $2.50 (R) each